Can I customise an existing signature ALBA style?

Yes, we can customise any of our existing ALBA styles to fit your design ideas. Send an enquiry here and we will be in contact with you soon to discuss your custom creation.

Can I commission a bespoke ALBA creation?

Yes, yes, absolutely yes! We'd love to discuss your ideas and inspirations for a piece completely unique to you. Please contact us through our Custom Creations page and we'll be in touch to start your design journey.


How long does a custom designed piece take?

Custom designed and bespoke pieces take approximately 8-10 weeks depending on the complexity of the design you have in mind; and, the type of stones to be sourced.

Can I try my custom creation on before final delivery?

We offer our Bespoke and Custom Creation clients the option of trying on an unset 3D print of their final design. This give you the opportunity to check the fit and scale of your piece and offers peace of mind; particulary if ordering from interstate or internationally.

Please note that this option is not available for items ordered as is from our Signature range.

Can you source stones for me?

Yes! We'd love to! This is a very rewarding part of the customised design process and we enjoy the hunt when it comes to finding you your dream stone.

Do you remodel existing jewellery?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer remodelling services for client's existing jewellery.

Can I supply my own stones?

Unfortunately, no, at ALBA we only work with diamonds and gemstones we have sourced ourselves.


Send your custom creation ideas or questions HERE, we're always available to help.